Is a Bump After Bilateral Osteotomy Normal? (photo)

Hi I had a alar base reduction, bilateral osteotomy for wide nasal bones, tip lift with collumelar graft and a spreader graft in the left middle vault with graft for feminine curved supra tip, for a bulbous nose with a droopy tip and wide nostrils, now I have a bump on my bridge! Pre-op it was a straight profile, it feels tender and slightly red, is this normal? What could it be? I didnt have a hump to removeso is it swelling? Did he forget to file down after the osteotomy? It also looks too short!

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Bump after Osteotomy?

It is hard for me to see what you see. I have no idea how far out of surgery you are. Certainly you could have some scar tissue in that area. If you had grafts placed it could be a mal-positioned graft. If it is red and bothers you go see your surgeon right away to have it examined. You want to rule out any infection right away.

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Nasal issues

Thanks for the photos but without seeing the preop photos and examining you in person it is diffiuclt to answer this question.  Sometimes minor irregularities under the skin are palpable. This is very common.

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Irregularities on nasal dorsum following osteotomies during rhinoplasty.

Based on the photos you have provided, your concerns are difficult to understand.  Best to consult with your surgeon or other qualified nasal surgeons in person.

Mario J. Imola, MD, DDS, FRCSC.


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Is a Bump After Bilateral Osteotomy Normal?

Very hard to see this "bump" in the posted photos. Best to seek opinions IN PERSON. Than go discuss with the operative surgeon.

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Bump on the nose after Rhinoplasty


I can not see any bump over the nose in the images submitted.I rather I see a well done nose which will improve in time.At this stage the tip has to look swollen.About short nose I can not comment since I can not see any preoperative images.






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