Breast lift and nipples not even. Possible it will correct or can be corrected? (photos)

I had a breast lift done four weeks ago. I had some tissue taken out of my left side to even them out. I I think it was 38grams. That side still looks bigger, a bit boxy too. I am wondering a couple of things. One- if it's possible I am swollen and I have a chance of evening out? Two- If I don't, does this look like it could be revised so that my nipples can be made more even? I really just want to know if a revision is possible if need be. Thanks!

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Breat lift

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Based on your pictures you will need a revision but you need to recover and heal from this surgery first.  Discuss this with your PS.  Best wishes!

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Uneven nipples

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you are still early in your recovery period. Although looking at your post operative photos you will need a revision. Your right nipple appears to high and the length of the vertical incision on the right is longer. 

Deborah Sillins, MD
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Breast lift and nipples not even. Possible it will correct or can be corrected?

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You are still very early in your recovery and things will change over time. If your asymmetry persists as it looks in your picture, a simple in office revision will easily elevate the nipple/areola complex. I would recommend waiting about 4 to 6 months before considering revision to be confident that your breast shape has stabilized.

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I agree that things are early, but I also want to level with you:  I think you are going to need a revision.  The good thing is "yes"- a revision will help and can be done.  I just think your nipple position and incision length on your vertical incision is so different (according to your pictures) that I would be very surprised if this turned out the way you wanted.  I just want to have you prepared for the likely scenario.  Hope this helps.-JGH

Breast lift result

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You are still early to judge final result. However, I can see your vertical scars have greatly different lengths. I think at some point this will need to be addressed in order to even out your nipple heights some. Good luck.

Nipple Position Asymmetry after Breast Lifts

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Between preoperative markings, intraoperative assessments, reassessments, adjustments and often readjustments, I spend a lot of time trying to make breasts and nipple/areola positioning as symmetric as possible. Most patients start off with some differences between their two breasts. Whereas it is not possible to make one breast necessarily the mirror image of the other, we can often get them very close. Seeing as you are still relatively fresh out of surgery, I would wait - your breasts are still in flux from a healing and appearance standpoint. If you reach about six months out from surgery and you have marked differences between the two breasts, you may need a minor revision under local anesthesia.

Ashley B. Robey, MD
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Postop period for breast lift

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Thanks for this question.You are still quite swollen at this point in your recovery. You really have to wait about 6 months for everything to settle.
If the nipples are still uneven in shape or height, this can usually be adjusted at the 6 to 9 month mark. This can likely be performed under local anaesthetic.

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