Asymmetry on Eyes After Upper Bleph? (photo)

4 wks since upper bleph,right eye smaller than left.. what has happened so far.. @ 8 days post op I saw PS says it is fine? then went to see ocuplastic surg 2nd opinion @ day 12, confirmed my fears incisions on right 3mm higher than left. No asymmetry pre op. now i have one eye smaller than the other & drooped eyelid. OcP says may get better, however not to "hold my breath" but to wait for min.4 mths and see how it is then make a plan if no better for revision . Appt with PS next week @5 weeks ...

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Asymmetry After Upper Lid Blepharoplasty

After reviewing your pics I do agree that there is asymmetry regarding the placement of your incisions.  With your eyes closed it is very obvious that the right  incision was placed much higher than the left.  The upper lid incision is traditionally made in the upper lid crease which is also measured before surgery (approx 8-11mm above the lashes) to ensure symmetry.  It is possible that you will see some improvement of the position of the lid crease, although complete correction is not probable.  I suggest you follow up with your surgeon, and if not satisfied see another experienced blepharoplasty surgeon for a second opinion.  Good Luck

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