Do Textured breast implants cause Cancer?

I have been informed my a Doctor at a top UK university that breast implants with a textured shell cause anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) of the breast, which is breast cancer. Is this correct? My PS is implanting textured implants into me in a few days time. He only used textured. I'm very worried as I have already had PIP industrial silicone breast implant leaking into my lymth node, which cannot be removed, I don't want even more problems. Thank you.

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Textured implants

The relationship of breast implants with cancer is really not scientifically related, however in macro textured implants we can find deposits of bacterias and other particles that can start a subclinical infection or stimulate the inflamatory process resulting in capsular contraction.  
That is why I prefer to use the micro textured implants a new type of textured created by several implants brands.  They adapt more gentle with the surrounding tissue.  That I will recommend.  
If you still want to be really cautious, periodically get imaging test done (mammogram or mammary ecography) and each ten years get them changed.  Hope I could help you

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Do Textured breast implants cause Cancer?

Thank you for you question, it sounds as if you have really done your research. ALCL is a non-hodgkins lymphoma that has been found in some women with breast implants but is not breast cancer. ALCL has not been found on the implant, but rather around the implant, with documented cases numbering between 30 and 60 around the world, total. The risk of developing ALCL anywhere in the body is 1:500K cases, while ALCL in the breast has a lower risk of 3:100 million cases. Though of course worrisome, the risks of ALCL are very low. The type of implant or texturing has trended toward greater risk in those textured but has been found in all implant types. Hope this helps

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