I've had a hair transplant with 2000 grafts. 6000 hairs. I have a question about minoxidil (Photo)

some studies on the web suggest that using minoxidil 48-72 hours after surgery (provided wounds are healed and scalp not irritated) can reduce shedding of transplanted hairs and also accelerate growth by up to a month there is a massive variance in post op advice re minoxidil ranging from 48 hours to 14 days to a month due to possible irritation I guess can the minoxidil produce these results Also I presume there is no harm in early use of minoxidil provided the scalp does not get irritated

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You should ask your doctor about starting to stopping any medications such as Rogaine. It is not generally recommended after

You should ask your doctor about starting to stopping any medications such as Rogaine.  It is not generally recommended after surgery (but some doctor do recommend it).

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Minoxidil After a Hair Transplant

At our practice, we always recommend minoxidil after a hair transplant as we find it is synergistic and helps enhance the results. The time when to start will vary from practice to practice and I don't think its crucial for influencing your long term result. At our practice, patients start using minoxidil 7 days after transplant. Hope this helps.

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Minoxidil after hair transplant

It is best to begin usage of minoxidil after 72 hours of the transplant. At 72 hours major wound haling phases have occurred. As you mentioned, it is essential to avoid irritation and itchiness. If either is observed, minoxidil should be stopped. he use of minoxidil after transplant is something you must coordinate with your hair transplant doctor.

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When t start minoxidil after surgery?

hairy monkey,I recommend using minoxidil/propecia before surgery to strengthen the miniaturizing follicles, especially if you are working in a diffuse thinning patient. This helps prevent post-surgical shock loss. Also if there is re-growth of thin areas, this might decrease the size of the potential area to be transplanted. Most of the time, re-growth is in the crown 26%. I recommend stopping minoxidil 5 days before surgery to decrease the bleeding during the procedure, but start soon after the procedure.
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Minoxidil after a hair transplant

I have studied the value of minoxidil by using in on one side of the head and not the other. The growth was the same on both sides on all of the patients tested

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