Two weeks out of facelift surgery which included laser resurfacing chemical peel. I am bright red from nose to chin. (photo)

Dr. says to give it time. He is giving me oxygenic's even one dose of prednisone but it doesn't look like it's fading. Can it go on for months? I can't go out in public

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This appears to be a normal result given the fair tone of your skin.  Make sure you stay in close contact with your surgeon or his/her staff.  You should be able to put on camouflage makeup very soon in order to get out in public.  However, it appears it will be another month or so before you will get good coverage even with the best makeup.
That being said, I hope you were warned and were fully aware of the long recovery from this procedure.

This Can Continue up to 4 Weeks

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Your surgeon is correct: What you're experiencing is a very normal result after skin resurfacing. The best thing you can do in this situation is be patient. It can take up to 4 weeks for redness to resolve, but you should be able to wear makeup soon to hide the discolouration. Talk to your surgeon about a specific timeline, because you want to avoid any possible risk of infection by waiting until your skin has healed properly. I wish you well as you recuperate.

Facelift with laser around mouth

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Your redness is expected after treatment from your peel or laser at two weeks this is common.  I recommend a mineral based camouflage that has a sun block. Continue this daily if you tolerate it and need to be back in public.  Wash off at night ans consider a sin steroid cream.

The redness will naturally fade in  months, but I would continue to seek follow up with your surgeon.

Ernest Robinson, MD
Aliso Viejo Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Redness After Facelift with Skin Resurfacing

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It appears as if you have had a deep skin resurfacing around your mouth. This is commonly done by experience surgeons in order to improve the fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth. Since the skin is thicker around the mouth, the peel around the mouth often must be deeper in order to best improve the appearance. This can cause redness in that area. This is completely normal and expects. After 10 days the skin should be healed and make up can be used to cover it. If your surgeon has given you permission to wear makeup, that means your skin is healed. Now you must give it time for the redness to fade. Be sure to wear a good zinc based sunscreen at all times. 

Jacob D. Steiger, MD
Boca Raton Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Redness after resurfacing

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The redness to the face after skin resurfacing is very normal.  It will fade with time, which can vary from person to person.  Once the skin has healed (typically 1-2 weeks) you can cover the redness with makeup to disguise the color difference until the skin fades on its own. 

Two weeks out of facelift surgery which included laser resurfacing chemical peel. I am bright red from nose to chin.

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The redness or erythema that you see is very normal following laser resurfacing.  It sounds as though your plastic surgeon is streaking you appropriately and you should follow his or her advice.  Usually the skin color gradually returns to normal over 3-4 weeks.

Once your skin is healed

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you can use make-up and concealers to cover the redness... and it will get better with time but an exact time is difficult to predict due to the individual nature of how people heal.  Focus on how much smoother your skin is as you should see remarkable results over where you started from.

Will take time

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The redness will improve, however you are in a difficult stage.
Soon you will be able to better use a concealer.

Skin Redness

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It can take weeks to months for the redness to fade away. Continue avoiding the sun and following your surgeon's post operative instructions for a nice result.

You're Going To Love The Way You Look!

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While I recognize that the redness can be upsetting, it will pass...And when it does you will be very happy that your surgeon took the time to address the area around your mouth as aggressively as he did.  The Peri-Oral area is not typically addressed with a standard facelift.  We don't have any good surgical techniques to improve that space, but a good, deep skin treatment of some sort can make a nice change.  I have tried many techniques, but have found that the only way to actually effect a change is to perform one of the deepest techniques available - like a dermabrasion, a deep chemical peel (croton oil, phenol), or a very aggressive CO2 laser.  The other methods really don't seem to make a difference.
Good Luck!

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