Is a Lollipop Lift or Any Kind of Lift Best Way Forward for Me? (photo)

Will It Prevent Bottoming out As Well if I Get Bigger Implants? Over 2mnths post op I saw my ps today he's unhappy with my result,as am I.nipples are too low on my breast so he has suggested lollipop currently 460cc&want to go up to 600cc with the lift. I want more fullness on the sides of breasts for an hourglass effect.Is lollipop lift the best way ffwd for me? Will a lift at the same time as getting bigger implants prevent bottoming out? I'm really worried as well about scarring - can I get the lift effect with crescent lift or purse string lift ?

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Lollipop lift will lift your nipples and improve your breast augmentation result

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Thank you for your question and photos. I agree with your surgeons recommendation of a lollipop breast lift or mastopexy to place your nipple areola higher on your breast mound. You currently have very large breast implants and in my opinion adding more volume at the time of your breast lift could interfere with the blood supply to your nipple areola and complicate your breast lift results. Of course you should follow the recommendation of your plastic surgeon.

What to do after 'less the perfect' results?

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If you go larger, I would be hesitant to do a lift at the same time and would instead focus on your implant position because if you could handle lowering of your implant, its possible you won't need a lift.  If you're desiring a fake, excessively full look, then a lift will likely be required, even with the larger implant.  If you could be pleased with your current implant and fullness of the upper poles, then a Benelli lift (this is one of the rare instances where I would even consider it) could be done.  You need to really evaluate your desires to go larger as you will have to accept the costs and risks of doing so.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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Is a Lollipop Lift or Any Kind of Lift Best Way Forward for Me?

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I recommend based only on the posted photos either an exchange plus donut lift or just a donut lift alone.//

Going larger or a breast lift

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Thank you for sharing your photos.   I would not recommend going to a 600 cc implant as I do not think your chest wall can safely accomodate it.   Odds are you will only be more unhappy and require more surgery.

I would recommend a lollipop/circumvertical lift to raise your nipples to the center of your implant and allow removal of the skin excess you have on the lower pole of your breast.

A larger implant will also increase your risk of bottoming out.   A very good analogy is the rock in a sock.   The larger the rock, the more the sock will stretch.

Best wishes.

Dr. GIll

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Wanting to go larger with lift

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Based on your description and photos, you should wait couple more months prior to another surgery.  Although your body may be able to take 600cc implants, as you have larger implants and more surgeries, you can have higher risks for complication.  Based on your last photo, you may benefit from donut lift; however, lift will not help with "bottoming" out.

Breast options

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Without the benefit of an in person examination to determine the amount of skin laxity it is difficult to say whether or not a lift is warranted.  I believe this is a bit early to intervene with another surgery as it appears your implants have not completely settled and with the size implants you have and want, they may settle quite a bit more, changing the appearance significantly.  It does not appear that you will have enough laxity to increase the size of the implants to 600cc this early after surgery, AND have an effective mastopexy simultaneously, however the best person to discuss with is your plastic surgeon as long as you are comfortable with their care.  good luck.

Breast lift after breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question and posting appropriate pictures. First off, you're still pretty recently after surgery and should wait at least another month prior to planning any further operative procedure. Based on your present picture, I believe you may need a lifting procedure and an examination will need to be made prior to recommending which type of a lift, especially since you're thinking about increasing the size of your implants. Please discuss your options with your board-certified plastic surgeon whos likely in the best position to offer the proper advice to you.

Kevin Tehrani, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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