Will 'Lollipop' Incision Make my Breasts Perky?

Hello, I will be having a reduction/lift in a few months. I am 20 years old, 120 lbs, 5'2, and have droopy 34 DDD breasts (with smaller nipples). My surgeon wants to use the lollipop technique and says I will be a full C cup when finished. Will this incision technique yield perky breasts? I just want full, perky, natural looking breasts, seeing as I am 20 years old. I would appreciate and info. Thank you!!

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Breast lift

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I would need to examine you to give you a definite recommendation.  As you may know, there are four types of mastopexy: 1) Periareolar, 2) Circumareolar (donut), 3) Circumvertical (lollipop), 4) Wise-pattern, full lift (Anchor).  Depending on the degree of ptosis (sagging), you will need different types of mastopexy.  In general, as one needs more lift, the scar pattern becomes more complex.  Please visit with a board-certified plastic surgeon so that she/he can evaluate you and review the options for you.

Lollipop Incision best method of getting perky breasts

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The lollipop or vertical scar method is by far the best method of achieving perky breasts. It will also give the faintest scars in most cases.

Will 'Lollipop' Incision Make my Breasts Perky?

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All the surgeons on this site are at some disadvantage since there are no photos posted with your question. Either incision technique (vertical or anchor) should give you a nice improvement in breast contour.

Be sure to look at patient photos in your surgeon's office, but remember that another patient's outcome is no assurance that yours will be similar.

Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Breast Lifts

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For several years I have been using a 'vertical scar' technique for most breast reductions, which eliminates the long, horizontal incision in the inframammary fold below the breasts. I have also adapted this technique for breast lift surgery, and have been extremely pleased with the results. As with breast reduction patients, this new technique not only eliminates the horizontal incision, but also creates more impressive breast projection and maintains it better over time. The breast lift procedure I perform not only removes breast skin but also moves some lower pole breast tissue to a higher position, increasing the projection of the nipple/areola area.

Breast lift surgery works well for patients with enough existing breast tissue to build a projecting 'breast mound'. However, in most breast lift Raleigh / Durham patients it is difficult to create sustainable fullness in the upper poles of the breasts by means of a mastopexy alone. This is particularly true in patients who have experienced significant deflation following pregnancy and lactation. For patients who indicate that they wish to achieve a fair amount of fullness in the cleavage area as a result of their breast lift surgery, I recommend that they undergo augmentation mastopexy. This surgery combines a breast lift with the placement of a breast implant usually of modest size, which produces the most youthful breast profile possible.

Michael Law, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 123 reviews

Vertical Breast Reduction

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    Vertical skin patterns for breast reductions can be effective in the right anatomy, but some plastic surgeons prefer the full breast lift to tighten the skin envelope to the greatest extent possible.

Perkiness after breast lift?

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Thanks for the description, but without and examination or photos it's hard to say which is the best approach. Breast lift do make you look less saggy and can perk you up. If you want even greater perkiness as you described, be sure to talk to your PS about breast implants. Thanks for sharing - Dr. Aldo.

Aldo Guerra, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 215 reviews

Lollipop incision and Breast Surgery

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Yes, your breasts will be more perky after surgery. This technique can give excellent results, and most people will be happy with the results. It is a reliable and safe operation.

There is a chance that you will wish your breasts were more perky than they become after surgery. This is a risk and is related to the concept of realistic expectations.

Being 20 yo, I recommend the operation you are doing and not the anchor incision pattern.

Best wishes!

Dr. Chris Saunders


Christopher Saunders, MD
Wilmington Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 78 reviews

Vertical lift and perky breasts

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It is very possible that a vertical lift using vertical closure can led to perkier breasts. As for volume, hard to say without an exam.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
4.2 out of 5 stars 30 reviews

Vertical,Short Scar, Lollipop Breast Lift or Reduction Excellent Choice in Young Patients

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The vertical short scar breast reduction/lift is an excellent choice for young patients.  The benefits include about 60% less scar than the traditional anchor type breast reduction technique.  If a superior or superior-medial pedicle is used, you can expect rounder, perkier breasts with more long term projection.  One of its other main benefits is that the chances of bottoming out are reduced.  The main disadvantage is that the breasts have a slightly abnormal shape immediately postop that improves with time until the final result is achieved.  You should do very well with this procedure.  Best wishes!

With breasts as large as you say you have, you probably need a Weis Patter, Anchor or inverted T incision

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The benefit of the lollipop incision is that you avoid a scar under the breasts. The disadvantage is that you may have breast tissue and skin hanging below your inframamary crease. The way you can determine this is to measure the distance from the inframamary crease to the new nipple position. If this is too long then you will need to have the inverted T incision. It seems from the data you have recorded you may not get the best result with a lollipop incision. 

Carl W. "Rick" Lentz III, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 17 reviews

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