Should I remove implants from submuscular to subglandular? Should I go bigger if I want them to be closer for more cleavage? (ph

I have a breast lift and implants 9 months ago, under muscles. My left side of my breast (the smaller one) is feeling tighten and hurting and my right one is feeling fine. I was told by the surgeon office that the right side need to be drains out because it was sagging and they think it develop water... Do I have to get these implants remove? What should I do?

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Breast lift correction

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Hello and thank you for the question and the photo. Unfortunately, your result does show some asymmetry. The best option is to have a correction to the lift. If there is a size mismatch an implant exchange might be needed, but I would not be surprised if the actual issue is that the design of the breast lift needs to be adjusted. 

The scars have a hyperpigmented dark color to them. I am going to assume you are asian possibly vietnamese, and this scar condition is not uncommon with some southeast asian patients. There are good treatment options for this other than the typical bleaching creams. 

You should have several consultations with board certified plastic surgeons in your area before making any final decisions. As always, it's best to be healthy, no smoking, and make sure any health conditions you have are managed by your primary care doctor. Best to you. 

Should I remove implants from submuscular to subglandular?

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Your photographs demonstrate significant  breast asymmetry. I think you will benefit from revisionary breast surgery to improve your outcome.  Adjustment of the breast implant capsules and volumes will likely be necessary to improve symmetry. The use of larger breast implants may be necessary if you wish to decrease the space between your breasts.

 I think that there are many advantages of breast implants placed in the sub muscular position and would not recommend conversion to the sub glandular position.

 Make sure that you are working with a board certified plastic surgeon who can demonstrate lots of examples achieving the types of  outcomes you would be pleased with.  Them, communicate your concerns and goals carefully as well. Best wishes

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