Is massaging Perlane 12 hours after injection damaging?

I had Perlane injected in nasolabial folds 12 hours ago and it looked lumpy so I massaged it to smooth it out, but now I'm reading that I shouldn't have done this? worried!

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Massaging Filler

While not necessarily damaging, I advise my patients never to massage where filler was placed (unless we are injecting with Sculptra). If this is done soon after injections were administered, it is possible to manipulate and move it from where it was initially placed. Lumps are a normal part of filler that are unavoidable but will dissipate with time. It can look lumpy immediately following injections usually due to swelling and not due to placement. It is important to give it time and once swelling has subsided, if you still have concerns you should see your doctor and allow them to be the one to fix any mistakes and/or manipulate if necessary. 

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