How Log After Symmastia Useing Belladerm Till I Can Have Intimate Relations?

I am having Bella-derm to correct my bottoming out and Symmastia. I was wondering how long till I have have intimate relations, Like normal.

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Symmastia Surgery and "intimate Relations"?

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Thank you for the question and congratulations on your revisionary breast surgery.

Given that  I have no information about exactly what your situation was  before surgery,  exactly what procedure was performed,  and exactly what you are “normal intimate relations” are,  there is no way for  me to give you precise advice. This is the type of question you should run by your plastic surgeon who knows your situation and is ultimately responsible for your care.

Best wishes.

How soon can you have sex after synmastia repair?

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You really need to ask this of your surgeon! 
No one on here can possibly have any idea of how bad your problem was or exactly what was done internally to be able to answer that question.  Only your surgeon can answer that question.

Best to wait until complete healing

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Correcting the implant pocket with sutures and dermal derivatives will produce a layer of support that will strengthen over time. We recommend wearing a well fitted bra for 3 months and only after that unrestricted physical contact is advised. Depending on the kind of relations wearing a bra may be adiseable for up to 6 months.

Mario Diana, MD
Plano Plastic Surgeon

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