I have a mole on right side of my leg. Should i have it have removed or just leave it alone? (Photo)

I have a mole on right side of leg. that itches around it , should i have it have removed or just live it alone ?

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Itchy mole on the leg

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I recommend your having the mole removed by a shave excision. A shave excision is typically the easiest, most cost effective, and least likely to scar method of removal. With this method the mole is actually "shaved off" at a level just below the surface of the skin. From the appearance of the mole in the photograph, a shave removal would be the best way to go. Dermatologic surgeons typically do this procedure expertly.

South Burlington Dermatologic Surgeon
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Moles and Removal

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Moles can change or grown in size.  It is impossible to tell from a photo if the mole is one that is histologically atypical.  Only a biopsy will reveal that.  You should consult a board certified dermatologist for examination and possible shave removal of the lesion.

Have it removed.

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While your mole physiclly appears to be a compound nevus (benign mole), the sizer and itching is a good indication to remove this lesion.  You will exchange the mole for a scar.  It is important to have this mole removed and sent for histopathological evaluation.  In addition, the closure of this the resultant wound is paramount.  It must be closed in multiple layersn and cared for properly.  The possiblilty for a poor scar is high in my opinion.  The surgeon must carefully close the excisional wound.  

Ryan Mitchell, DO, FAOCO
Henderson Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Itchy mole

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You need to see a doctor for an in-person examination. Moles should not be itchy.

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