Localized Pain to Touch at End of Linear Stitch, Lower Abdomen,4 Weeks Post-op, is This Normal?

I had my TT 4 weeks ago. I had my lapband moved too. There is localized pain in the lower abdomen right under where the lapband is placed. There is swelling there too which is bigger than the other side. It hurts at the touch too. At times the pain is really bad, it hurts to move in certain directions, it wakes me up at night. I also have fat necrosis. Is this localized pain normal? I'm worried the stitches have burst or something serious.

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Complications after Tummy Tuck?

Unfortunately,  there is no way to give you accurate advice without direct examination. You should be seen by your plastic surgeon for accurate diagnosis and treatment. 

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Tummy tuck pain in area of lapband

See both your plastic and bariatric surgeons to insure that the lap band has not be displaced. Also fat necrosis should be discussed and treated as appropriate by your plastic surgeon.

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