Can I Stretch out Lobes that Have Recently Been Repaired?

I had lobe surgery 4 months ago, I used to have one inch streached ears. I was wondering if I can stretch them out again. 

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Stretching repaired earlobes

What causes stretching? Usefully it related to heavy earrings or sleeping in earrings. I recommend that patients be conscious of the weight of their earrings. Costume jewelry is generally heavier than gold. Silver posts may cause more irritation, which can commence the stretching process, than solid gold ones. I do not pierce the ear into the scar tissue as this can be more susceptible to re-tearing. I also recommend that patients return to me for ear piercing as jewelers may not be aware of the risk inherent in piercing into the scar tissue.

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Yes you can stretch them out again. but you just had them repaired

at 4 months you still are undergoing healing.  If you didn't want complications from the healing you could wait at least 6 months from your procedure date to do the stretching. This is the point that 80-90% of your healing has taken place. Below is a video to illustrate our answer better. We have other informative videos and information on our website and a link is included to help you find us.

Philip Young, MD
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Stretching Ear Lobe

Thank you for the question.

Yes,  although it is possible to slowly stretch the earlobe, I would suggest  really thinking twice about this decision to avoid the statement I hear frequently in the office: “I wish I hadn't done that”.  As you know,  there will likely come a time when a gauged ear lobe appearance  is not consistent with your life situation; further surgery will be necessary (with residual scars).

I hope this helps

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Stretching out a repaired ear lobe

Hi Miguel,

While it is possible to stretch the earlobe out again, it will likely not be as elastic as the first time around because of the scar tissue that would have formed as a result of the repair. Take care in stretching the earlobe this time around and make sure that you have healed well. A scar is not considered appropriately healed for 12 months.  Good luck!


Sarmela Sunder, MD
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Yes but......

You can have then 'stretched' again- what I assume you are referring to is having then 'gauged'- just understand that the ear lobe having been stretched already and repaired, is not as soft or elastic as it used to be so you are more prone to tearing and other complications. To be extra careful, I would definately wait at least 6 months before trying to 'stretch'' them again, and I would go ahead very slowly.

Dilip D. Madnani, MD, FACS
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