Lliposonix or Tickle Lipo for Touch Up on Abs? (photo)

I am 33 year old 5'3" 130 lbs Before Tickle Lipo my upper abs 83cm, lower abs 91cm. I lose 10lbs after 3 months of lipo my upper abs 75cm, lower abs 87cm. Only lose Upper abs 3.15" & lower abs 1.5". My Lower abs now 34.25" but I still can wear 26" jeans. I have a soft tummy. I ask for touch up but they need to charge me $500.00 fee for each part. Is it reasonable? they also offer me liposonix for touch up too. what should i pick?

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Liposonix vs liposuction for touch up

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Without personally examining you there is no way to give definitive advice. In general, liposuction will enable precise sculpting especially in fat tissue that may be scarred from previous lipo and so more dense. Liposonix has the advantage of being noninvasive and no downtime, but in your case a touch up liposuction may be better. I doubt that it matters whether it is tickle lipo, smart lipo, VASER lipo, or any of the other numerous variations.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Lliposonix or Tickle Lipo for Touch Up on Abs?

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It is fair and reasonable that you are asked to pay $500 fee for a touch up procedure if you desire more aggressive results.  I would recommend you stay with Tickle Liposuction at this point because if there is any residual adiposity left, TL will be able to get rid of it much more efficiently then Liposonix.

Victoria Karlinsky, MD
Manhattan General Surgeon
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Consult with Surgeon

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Thank you for the photo. It looks as if you would be a candidate for both Liposonix and Smartlipo of the abdomen. Your best option is to consult with your doctor to decide which will give you the results you desire. Good luck!

Bruce E. Katz, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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You should have a good result with liposonix

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I am not familiar with tickle Lipo per se...was this a surgical liposuction procedure? I would say you have had some modest improvement.  Traditional "touch ups" are mostly done surgical with liposuction - sometimes in the office and sometimes in the operating room.  Liposonix is a fantastic new tool that can achieve significant improvements in the abdomen and hips without undergoing surgery.  This is not a painful procedure and takes less than an hour.  The results will be visible within 8 - 12 weeks.  Currently this is the best "non operative" modality for achieving "liposuction like" improvement without having surgery. You would be an excellent candidate for this.

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