Is it true, following invisalign if I am not happy with the results then up to 6 additional retainers can be claimed for?

Also should there be some refinement if not happy with the overall results? As one of my teeth which was perfect initially has moved whilst having invisalign in behind my front teeth which I am really confused about?

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Invisalign refinement

Hi there,You should return to your treating dentist to discuss your concerns. If you did full Invisalign treatment, refinements are often necessary at the end and should be included. If you did an express or single arch case, the disadvantage is that refinements are often an added cost. Your treating dentist can answer that for you.
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Additional aligners

Dear collo
It is inaccurate to comment without any clinical records such as photos but:If one of your teeth has moved behind and is out of line , depending on the category of your Invisalign treatment ( i7 does not qualify) you may need additional aligner to rectify it. Just discuss it with you treating Invisalign provider dentist and s/he will be able to explain to you and if possible order it for you. Usually it can be fixed easily. Also regarding claiming free retainers in case you are not happy,  I have not heard anything as such. But if you find out otherwise ,please share your experience. Best of luck.Kind regardsDr Amir Ataei KachooeiLondon Cosmetic Dentist and Dental surgeon and Invisalign Provider

Amir Kachooei, DDS
London Dentist

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