Septorhinoplasty - the columella has been sewn back in a rather strange manner - is this going to go 'normal'? (photo)

had septorhinoplasty. It's healing fine, but the columnella has been sewn back together oddly. i'm wondering if the skin that sticks out at the sides is going to go down? They seem like they're just 'there', as they don't seem 'that' swollen or sore -theyre a bit red & numb. theyre 'in the way'. i'm going to keep catching them & making them sore etc. Will these go away? is this normal? Am i likely to just have to deal with this? or maybe get removed? thanks

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Septorhinoplasty - the columella has been shown back in a strange manner

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Thank you for your query.Scars generally improve with the passage of time. It is however very imperative that you discuss any concerns with your surgeon as he is best placed to assist you.
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