Can I get the nose wet after cast removal?

Hi, I had the rhinoplasty surgery two weeks ago. The stitches and cast were removed on day 6 but the cast was reapplied and then removed at day 10. I want to take a bath, i was wondering if it ok to get the nose wet or is it best to keep water of my face all together? and is it ok if the bath is steamy or not? Thanks in advance.

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Post Op Care

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I very strongly advise you to contact your surgeon, who will have his/her own protocol. A quick phone call should clear things up! In my own practice, I would have my patient shower with the knowledge that heat will increase swelling. Please do phone your surgeon. We surgeons always want the best for our patients, and for the healing process to go smoothly. We welcome questions; it's our duty and our pleasure to ensure that you are taking good care of yourself.

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