Possible nasal polyps. (photo)

So I had my plaster cast removed on Thursday one week after my rhinoplasty surgery my nose is still really swelled but I think I may have nasal polyps could you advise what you think please

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Lump inside the nose, one week post op

Hi Jadewellings,

By now, I hope you have already seen your surgeon and lump (whatever caused this) had already been corrected. Basically, there are several reasons why these can happen, but at your early post op stage, the most likely reasons are fluid or blood collection, and if this is the case, it should be drained or treated as soon as possible as it can pose more serious complications if not treated early. 

Another possible cause is cartilage displacement but either way, any lump that forms during your early post-op days, should be raised to your surgeon as early as possible.

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