Labiaplasty, vaginoplasty and repair perineoplasty. Should I get a PS or gynecologist?

Which field would you recommend for the following procedures, labioplasty, vaginoplasty and repair & perineoplasty, would they be a PS, or Gynecosmetics or Gynaecologist?

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Best specialty for vaginoplasty and labiaplasty

This is a great question. You want to find a surgeon in your area with ample experience and good reviews with these procedures. A urogynecologist who is board certified in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery with this experience will be able to perform a nice vaginoplasty with prolapse repair if needed and labiaplasty. 

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Exactly which "type" of surgeon- cosmetic Gyn or Plastic Surgeon- should perform my labiaplasty? Vaginoplasty?

For a labiaplasty, either a plastic surgeon or a "cosmetic gynecologist" (but never a "general gynecologist" not specifically trained or experienced in genital plastics) will be fine. For internal work (perineoplasty; vaginoplasty), a cosmetic gynecologist or cosmetic urogynecologist- specially trained in tightening within the vagina- is best. Plastic surgeons do fine work on the opening, but are rarely trained to safely work deeply within the vagina.


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Labiaplasty, vaginoplasty and repair perineoplasty. Should I get a PS or gynecologist?

Thank you for sharing your excellent question.  I would recommend being evaluated by your ob/gyn for a diagnosis as to your current appearance and functional symptoms as well as desired results.  They can then refer you to the appropriate specialists for treatment.  Once the type of provider is recommended I would interview a series of them to assess their work before selecting the best surgeon for you.  Hope this helps.

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Who does the best cosmetic gyn procedures and why?

First of all, none of these procedures are done or taught in any residency program or fellowship program in any specialty anywhere in the world. Cash paying cosmetic patients aren't going to tolerate trainees bumbling through their anatomy as a learning experience. Second, there is no board certification process that mandates proficiency in any of these procedures. Diplomas in any specialty are meaningless as regards proficiency in these procedures; they guarantee nothing. That said, labiaplasty is best done by someone who does lots of them and does them well. This skill and talent is individual and has more to do with the surgeon's eye than anything else and is judged best by viewing lots of before and after photos of the surgeon's work (key word is lots). Vaginoplasty and perineoplasty are best done by someone with training, education and experience operating inside the vagina and repairing any type of vaginal prolapse that might be present at the time of your vaginoplasty - this is the domain of gynecologists, not plastics. The risk of a poorly done labiaplasty is simply ugliness. The risks of a poorly done vaginoplasty are a looser-than-you-wanted vagina, a hole in your rectum, fecal incontinence, urinary fistulas and prolapse. I just spent the last 2 hours fixing such a mess.

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Plastic surgeon versus gyn versus urogynecology

Dear Anne32:

There is not 100% blanket conclusion to answer your question, however you will notice on this board that usually plastic surgeons will only answer questions bout labiaplasties.  Please note for yourself by the responses to your questions.  That being said let me explain that most plastic surgeons have little to no training in vaginal reconstructive surgery.  They might get some training in labiaplasties but even that is rare.  Gynecologists usually train in vaginal reconstructive surgery but usually get little to no training in cosmetic surgery.  Urogynecologists are gynecologists with usually 1-3 more years of training compared to their gynecologic colleagues.   In fact to become a urogynecologist one needs to first do 4 years of training in gynecologic surgery.  So on the average the average plastic surgeons has  0 complete years of gynecologic surgical training.  A gynecologist has 4 years of gynecologic/vaginal surgery and a urogynecolgist has 5 -7 years in training in gynecologic surgery.   

But just beause someone has 6 years of training in gyn surgery doesnt mean they are good at all the procedures you are mentioning.  I personally have trained 4 years in gyn surgery, 2 years in  urogynecologic/ vaginal reconstructive surgery, 2 years in minimally invasive reconstructive surgery, 2 months in cosmetic vaginal surgery and 3 months in neuropelvic surgery.  But even that doesnt guarantee a patients 100% satisfaction if the surgery doesnt produce the desired results anticipated by the patient.  A great cosmetic vaginal surgeon needs vaginal reconstructive surgical training for the internal vaginal rejuvenation procedure and experience for labiaplasty and external genital surgery.  Choose your surgeon wisely---- are they experts in the field, with excellent before and after photos with great testimonials in rejuvenation and labiaplasties.

John R MIklos MD

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Thank you for the question. I think ideal surgeon would be Urogynecologist with cosmetic GYN training. Hope this helps

Armen Kirakosyan, MD, FACOG, FACS
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Plastic Surgeon or Gynecologist

Hi Anne, I would recommend a gynecosmetics or cosmetic vaginal surgeon. You are electing to have several procedures at the same time. By choosing one of the above, you are choosing a surgeon that has dedicated their life to vaginal surgery and one who is very familiar with women's internal anatomy and function. It is their focus and specialty and not an added on procedure that is done once in awhile. A traditional gynecologist will not be experienced with these procedures and you definitely want someone that specializes in the procedures you are wanting to have, so you get the best possible outcome. 
Dr. Jennifer S Hayes, DO, FACOOG
Cosmetic Vaginal Surgeon

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