What to expect from rasping/filing of callus nasal bone 17 months after septorhinoplasty? (Photos)

I had septorhinoplasty about 16 months ago, I had noticeable callus bone on the bridge of my nose is 2 places, and more at the very top of my nose which you cannot see. I want to know of filing/rasping will actually make a difference physically (very conscious/insecure about my appearance because of it) What will happen during the procedure? What to expect before, during and after? Also maybe a link for pictures of before rasping and after? I can't find any anywhere. Thank you.

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Bony Prominence along the bridge, 16months post op

Hi Chelseapike,While the given photos are not ideal for proper assessment, it is enough to show residual bony prominence along the bridge, which can be corrected by shaving/rasping. The procedure can be done under closed technique, and downtime should be very minimal.

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What to expect form rasping

Thank you for your question.You need to discuss this with your surgeon. Is this bone or it is cartilage? What technique did he use for middle vault reconstruction? Did he use spreader grafts or spreader flaps? Is he willing to address your concerns? You need to discuss all your concerns with him. Kind regards.

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