Breast augmentation; how long I should wait before going back to work? I am a pub/club singer

I've had breast implants under the muscle two weeks two days ago, am wondering how long I should wait before going back to work I am a pub/club singer. Thanks.

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Breast augmentation

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I will often have patients wait about 3 -4 weeks before starting light aerobic activity.  Vigorous exercise is eerily delayed for 6-8 weeks. Best to ask your surgeon.

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When to go back to work after Breast Augmentation

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Most patients that have a light duty job can return to work about a week later. The most important thing is to not lift anything over 5 lbs for the first 2 weeks so that you don't cause bleeding. Another factor is driving - you can drive as soon as you are not taking narcotic pain medication and you feel like you can swerve to be safe - most women think it takes about a week. Finally, you feel very tired after surgery because your body is healing a lot on the inside. This takes up a lot of your energy and leaves you feeling tired. After a couple of weeks, this gets better. Some people go back to work feeling tired while others like to wait until they have more energy. If you have met these criteria - then you are likely ready to go back to work! Best wishes!

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