Drains Been Took out Less That 24 Hours After Tummy Tuck Surgery. Has This Caused my Soroma Build Up? (photo)

I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair also lipo to hips.i came out if surgery at 6 15pm and my drains were taken out the next day at 4.00pm.as they were not draining much.but i was on bed rest as my blood pressure would drop if i stood up.i have been back to my surgeon 4 times to have fluid aspirated with a total of 750ml. Part of my scar is open and leaking still i am 7 weeks 4 days.also are my hips still swolleb as my surgeo has said its fat i have put on as i am unhappy with my lipo .

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Has This Caused my Seroma Build Up?

There are a number of surgeons who do not use drains at all, and claim not to have any higher a rate of fluid collection than do surgeons who use drains.

Most of us who regularly use drains have some threshold amount at which time we remove the drains. For me, that is 30 cc for a day. I don't think I have ever taken a drain out the first day after surgery, but I don't see TT patients until the 4th or 5th day, so I wouldn't have the opportunity.

In answer to your specific question, a functioning drain would prevent a seroma by providing a pathway for fluid removal. However, the drain would not stop creation of the fluid. 

If another aspiration is needed, you might want to discuss placing a drain and trying sclerosis, placement of a caustic substance (betadine, tetracycline, alcohol) to cause enough irritation that the abdominal wall will stick to the abdominal skin and fat and solve the problem. All the best. 

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