Does LiveFill Work for Smile Lines?

I'm wondering if replacing the fat would minimize the lines in my lower face when I smile? Where can't LiveFill be placed? Are there any scars from livefill insertion? Thank you!

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LiveFill for Nasolabial folds

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I am only familiar with LiveFill from the advertisements from the location where it was developed, and it appears to be fat grafting from the pubic area. The claim is that it has fibrous tissue in it as well, but so do most fat grafts. To answer the question about fillers in the nasolabial folds, any of the fillers work quite well if performed properly. The folds usually result from volume loss in areas lateral to the folds, such as the cheeks, midface, tear trough, etc. These are the areas that should be addressed along with the N L folds. Otherwise, you get a tube of filler in the NL flod and the rest of your face still has the shape of an older person. The longest active filler for the NL folds is Artefill, which lasts for several years. And, there is no operation necessary for such fillers. HA's work well also, but are shorter acting.

E. Ronald Finger, MD, FACS

Savannah Plastic Surgeon

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