I Live in PA. Why Would One Plastic Surgeon Charge $8800 for Gummy Bear and the Other Charge $6000 for Gummy Bear?

one is in Lancaster PA and the other in Ephrata PA

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Implant cost

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There are differences in cost between geographic areas, surgical venues, and surgeons.  Do not automatically assume that the more expensive option is better and vice versa.  Best to investigate both options!  Best of luck.

Fees are not standardized

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and if the less costly doctor does good work, thats a deal.  Some surgeons refuse to market their practice and adjust to the market forces and some people think paying more gets you more... false!  Just make sure your surgeon is a qualified one and has a revision policy that you can live with in case you do need a revision.

Why surgeon charges are so different

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I can not say why they are so far apart in pricing but it does happen. Be careful as you choose. Do your research, check with prior patients, check with your doctor for recommendations. Check on line, for the doctors results. You may want to get a third opinion and then think about each consult and how you felt about the surgeons. 

Fees for breast augmentation

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There is not set fee for breast augmentation. Each surgeon sets his own prices.  You have to choose the surgeon and the fee you are willing to pay for a quality result.

Why Would One Plastic Surgeon Charge $8800 for Gummy Bear and the Other Charge $6000 for Gummy Bear?

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Difficult to say why you have received different quotes from different surgeons but it is quite common for patients to receive different quotes, even from plastic surgeons in the same community.

 Although cost of surgery is certainly a concern for most patients, you will do well by doing your due diligence carefully and selecting yours plastic surgeon very carefully. I would suggest that you see lots of examples of their work and preferably speak to previous patients.  Ultimately, quality of work and safety concerns should be of primary concern;  revisionary surgery may be more costly in many ways.

 Best wishes.

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