Have you seen arm weakness years later after mastectomy?

My right mastectomy had no problems but my arm is getting weak and my shoulder range of motion is tight in the same way just after surgery. Its worse over the year making it hard to write. Being 5 years out I am realizing I am lazy about working on my range of motion. (Brain and neck scans normal, no weakness anywhere else.) Has anyone found therapy that help? Lasers, etc? I am seeing a chiropractor but not much change.

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Postmastectomy arm weakness

I am sorry to hear about your worsening postmastectomy arm weakness. I would recommend an MRI of the shoulder if you haven't had it yet to rule out any shoulder issues. Physical therapy by experts in post mastectomy patients may help you. Definitely check this out. Strengthening and range of motion therapy is often required after surgery and it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the exersises on your own. Has you implant shifted in recent years? sometimes this can cause arm issues and a MRI of the breast may rule this out as a potential contributing factor. Good luck and take care.

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