Clitoris unhooding

I have a very small clitoris and is covered mostly skin. Is there a possibility to get the skin removed and extend my clitoris. If this is possible, what does the cost range from?

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Hood reduction is often pretty simple

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Hood reduction can be very easy and relatively inexpensive if done under local in the office. I would not remove the whole hood a sensory complications occur. My operations are designed to limit sensory loss so I would not operate directly on the clitoris either. Cost depends upon extent, surgeon and operative environment generally. 

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Clitoris unhooding

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Thank you for sharing your question.  A clitoral hood reduction can be performed in order to remove excess tissue width or length.  Costs will vary based on the exact procedures required so be sure to see a labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction surgeon for an in-person consultation.  Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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How do I get my clitoris exposed better?

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A clitoral Hood reduction is typically an in office procedure to remove excess skin from around the clitoris.  The price of the surgery will depend upon whether other things are done as well.  Typically the cost for an isolated procedure is around three thousand dollars.  Photographs are helpful to evaluate.  Good luck!

Clitoral hood reduction

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Indication for classical clitoral hood reduction usually is excess or redundant skin covering the clitoris. This is usually done by excising skin lateral to clitoris on both sides. In you question you are probably referring to clitoral unhooding. This is procedure when clitoral hood is partially removed to permanently expose the small portion of the clitoris. Idea is to enhance sexual stimulation. Caution must be used. Because of high number of nerve receptor this procedure may result in oversensation, loss of sensation or chronic pain. Hope this helps

Is your clitoris too small?

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The clitoris is normally covered with skin. Cosmetic procedures of the hood focus on removing excess loose skin from the sides of the clitoral hood, but are not intended to expose the clitoris itself. Removing the skin that covers the clitoris to expose the glans or shaft would cause chronic pain and is not usually done unless you have cancer or other conditions that necessitate such a radical maneuver. There is no procedure to lengthen the clitoris, but a mons pubis lift (monsplasty) could create the illusion of a longer clitoris in some women.

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