How can I access PRP to increase the size of my Clitoris?

How can I access PRP to increase the size of my Clitoris? I was born with an extremely small Clitoris and would like to increase the size. I have asked the question on Realself and PRP was recommended, but I do not know how to access it or what doctor can I contact for this service. Your advise is appreciated.

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When did you decide that your clitoris was too small?

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Post a photo and let the experts weigh in on whether your clitoris is too small or simply normal. Is it too short? too narrow? both? If it's normal, you might benefit from fat injections as is done for penile augmentation or if you're bolder, perhaps testosterone therapy might give you the size you desire.

Increasing size of a diminutive clitoris. PRP? Testosterone??

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Your important query has many ramifications. First off, clitori come in many sizes, and because you classify it as "small" does not mean it is abnormal. I am a Gynecologist and a man, and I know professionally and personally that the fact that a woman may have a clitoris on the "small side" does not mean that she does not have desire, does not arouse, or have orgasms that cause the ground to tremble..! It does not mean that her clitoris does not erect and respond.
"If it ain't broke don't fix it" is my philosophy. HOWEVER... if you feel you have a sexual response issue and that it may be related to the size and [lack of] responsiveness of your clitoris, and that it may be improved by increasing the size of your clitoris, here are my suggestions and my rather considerable knowledge:
First off, I strongly and empathetically suggest you begin by seeking out a sexual medicine expert. Best if this person happens as well to be a gynecologist. Go to the website of the International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health ("ISSWSH") and fine hopefully a "Fellow" ("IF") but at least a member near you. Again, look for a member/Fellow who is a Gyn. Visit him or her and have a good evaluation with the goal of determining whether increasing the size/sensitivity of your clitoris may be beneficial in your situation.
IF it appears that it would be worth a try, you have 2 options, and they are not mutually exclusive. The first is, after your blood free & bioavailable testosterone has been checked, to have testosterone cream prescribed for you and carefully (under the docs careful supervision, begin applying it daily to your clitoral area. This unequivocally will enlarge your clitoris and if this is your goal, testosterone is the way to achieve it. But, will this solve your "problem" if indeed there is one.
As for PRP  (platelet rich plasma), this is a different ballgame. While there is not evidence that PRP will ENLARGE your clitoris, there is anecdotal and perhaps soon published, evidence-based proof that PRP, when injected directly into the clitoral glans and into the "G-Spot" (more correctly the "G-area...") significantly improves arousal and orgasmic function in a majority of women upon who it is used. For more on PRP to the clitoris (aka the O-SHOT(tm)), go to the website for the O-shot and find a certified O-Shot practitioner near you.
But, as I said, visit a savvy sexual medicine practitioner first.  Best wishes- hope I've helped!
Michael P Goodman, MD, IF, O-shot provider
Davis, CA, USA

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