Can I Give Botox Under the Supervision of a Plastic Surgeon?

If I Am An Unlicensed Nurse Practitior (lnp) and a certified esthetician, could i give botox under supervision of plstic surgeon?

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Botox and injection laws

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I would visit your states' website under licensure regulations. Each state has different requirements and laws and/or guidelines regarding cosmetic injectables.  

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In NY aestheticians do not do injections of Botox

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EVen under supervision, an aesthetician would not be allowed to do an injection in my practice, in the state of New York. Please check with the regulating agencies in each different state.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Can I inject Botox under the superevision of a plastic surgeon

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As an aesthetician, I would not allow it in my office. However, there are different regulations in each state. Your plastic surgopn should know the rules in your state. A thorough knowledge of facial anatomy must be known to properly inject Botox as very undesireble complications can and do occur. It must be mixed properly and the number of units required in each muscle must be known and recorded. Plastic surgery, even Botox, is not a game. It's serious business, especially for the patient, and the utmost in safety must always be primary.

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Injection of Botox

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The answer will depend on the laws of your state.  If your state laws allow it, it is important that you obtain thorough training to learn about injecting Botox.

Mennen T. Gallas, MD
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Botox from a licensed professional

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Any chance you could complete your training and be eligible for being fully licensed?   Will be good for you in the long run!  You will have to check with your state licensing and consumer boards as these do vary by state.  The trend though appears to be toward limiting or banning use of injectables or invasive laser techniques by non-licensed practitioners.   Even within licensures, states define 'scope of practice' and it is not in anyone's best interest to be practicing outside their scope of practice.

Steven Swengel, MD
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Unlicensed personnel injecting Botox

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In NY, it is illegal for anyone other than a licensed individual to inject Botox and rightfully so.  This isn't a cosmetic and the potential for harm in the hands of someone who does not have the requisite skill and training is serious.  I hope that patients would not consider placing themselves in the care of a non-physician.

Unlicensed Nurse Practitioner... Injecting Botox...

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You should check with the board of nursing and your state licensure. 



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Grant Stevens, MD
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Who can inject Botox

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The law administering these issues is usually decided by the department of consumer affairs and the State Board of Medical Examiners. You should call both places to find out if your state allows LPNs to inject Botox under supervision of a plastic surgeon. The fact that you are not certified is important. Certification process helps determine the qualifications of an individual. If not for Botox just for regular nursing you should try tot get certified.


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Who can administer Botox

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Every state has different restrictions on licensing. Frighteningly in Nevada, you don't have to have a single type of license to do these injectables. You just have to have a physician who is willing to put you under his/her licensure. It's terrible. But it's up to each state's laws, so check with your specific state's medical board.

Can I Give Botox Under the Supervision of a Plastic Surgeon?

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State laws vary with regard to who can inject medications. It is worthwhile to look into these laws and make sure that what you're planning to do is legal. Cosmetic medicine is a bit like the "Wild West." However, states have taken notice and are beginning to implement more regulations to ensure patient safety. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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