Fluid Pocket Near Eye After Browlift and Eyelid Surgery

Liquid pocket at corner of eye after having Quad Blepharoplasty and Anterior Browlift. I had these procedures done 5 weeks ago. Shortly after my right eye started healing a pea size lump developed on the upper incision at the outer corner of my right eye. I was told that it was scar tissue and to massage it. Which I started doing. Four days ago liquid started coming out through the incision. I called my doctor and was told this was good and to keep massaging it. The liquid is still coming out. Is this okay? My doctor has since gone on vacation. What do I do?

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What color is the fluid that is coming out?  Is it clear or bloody?  Does your surgeon have a partner that would be willing to see you.  Is there anything sticking out of the skin like a suture?

Some fluid may be due to swelling

Some fluid may be due to swelling. If it’s clear and within the liquid corner of the eye it is probably due to swelling and should improve. Sometimes an incision can be made to allow the fluid to drain. Also, pressure patching and massage can often be helpful. But, if the fluid is puss or if there’s a lot of redness and pain associated with it, you may have an infection and should see a doctor right away.

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