Liquid Fat After Abdominoplasty

Foreign full TT 3 weeks ago. At 2 weeks, I developed a “water balloon belly” that wobbles. A local ultrasound showed fat and only little fluid. I saw my PS today and twice, he tried blind aspiration by syringe and came up dry. He can’t tell me what happens from here. I am not heavy, just extra skin from pregnancies. I still wear support garments. Above navel is flat, but under it, I now have this wobbly fat deposit and I look pregnant. Q: what will happen to this liquid fat? Please help!

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After tummy tuck, liquid

it is not uncommon, take your time. if it gets better...leave it alone. if it gets worse see someone.

the pattern is the more important of all considerations. today i do a new drainless tummy tuck.

its called progressive tension abdominoplasty, since i've been doing it I've had no collections!

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Liquid Fat After Abdominoplasty

Very hard to advise but you should return to the operative "foreign" surgeon for care. Otherwise a reexploration of the area is the better course of action here in your home state. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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