Liposuction Over A Year Ago On Abdomen and Have A Hard Lump Around Belly Button and One Large Lump By Pelvic Ridge?

I Had Lipsuction over a Year Ago on my Abdomin and Now Around my Belly Button I Have a Hard Lump and One Large Lump on the Left side of the pelvic ridge. It is uncomfortable and makes my clothes very hard to fit and uncomfortable

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Post Liposuction Hard Lump after One Year

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Thank you for your question. During Liposuction some fat can be injured but not removed by the aspiration cannula.

If the fat is irreversibly damaged the fat dies and forms scar tissue which produces a hard lump.

This tissue can be removed surgically.

Hard lump after liposuction a year ago.

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It sounds like you have fat necrosis from your previous procedure.  If it is firm at a year, it may need to be excised.  An exam would be helpful in determining this.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Lumps and discomfort after abdominal liposuction

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It sounds like you have an area of fat necrosis: some of the fatty tissues lost blood supply during the procedure and got hard and uncomfortable.  Over time most firm areas of fat necrosis slowly improve.  If there is not a steady trend for improvement you may need to have these areas surgically removed, especially if they are uncomfortable or unsightly.

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