Lips Too Wide. Is It Possible to Make Them a Bit Narrower?

I have seen the formula for ideal sized lips. It's something like "if a vertical line was drawn going downward from the inner part of the pupils of your eyes to your lips, the ends of your lips should be no wider than that line." Ideally of course. But my lips are a bit wider than this, I'm speaking horizontally of course. I know my lips can be made thinner and shorter vertically, but I want to know if they can be made narrower? I don't need them to be "fuller", just less wide.

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Lip Procedures - Can They Be Made Narrower?

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There are many techniques to augment and alter the shape of the lips.  It is difficult to answer this question without any visual evidence of what your lips look like. Nothing replaces an in-office consultation and thus, I recommend you consult with a board-certified dermatologist or facial plastic surgeon experienced in treating the lips. 

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