Lips Swelling 2 - 3 Times in a Month. Looking for Some Info or How to Cure It? (photo)

Dear sir, I am 29 age man from India. smoking 5 - 10 in a weeks, Yearly 2 - 3 times drink habit & yes was with tobacco but not now last 1month. Last 2 - 3 months i face a problem regarding upper lips ( mostly left side ) swelling. 98% times its happens at night 11:30 PM between 1:00 AM. When is start swelling just b4 that i feel little itching and then the lips pump up like hell. I do regular food and i follow the eating habit. During start if i use DETOL then no more swelling heavy.

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Lip swelling

    This is most likely angioedema, which is swelling around the lips sometimes just on one side that can be associated with something to which you are allergic.  This can be managed with anithistamines and you could get allergy testing if necessary.   You should meet with an internal medicine doctor, because you need to be followed and know what to do if the reaction becomes more severe. 

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