Lips Keep Swelling Up After 5 Years, Why? What Can I Do?

I got artecoll injection 5 years ago and now my lips keep swelling up. I haven't injected anything since 5 years and my lips keep swelling ... I'm getting scared because people keep asking me if I had something done .... They have become swollen and hard ... What should I do? I'm scared

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Lips Keep Swelling Up After 5 Years, Why? What Can I Do?

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 This is why I don't use or recommend permanent injectible fillers in the face and lips.  They can react and move years after they're injected.  I have had experience removing Bio Alcamid from the lips and have reduced lips that became overly swollen after silicone injections to the lips.  If the lips are swelling and getting hard, you might want to have a consult with a plastic and cosmetic surgeon about removing the lumps of filler and or lip reduction.  

 I prefer usiong Alloderm Lip Implants for semi-permanent Lip Augmentation.  the Alloderm is soft, supple and last about 7 years. 

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