Lips Sit Unevenly After Chin Implant? (photo)

I got a 4 millimetre (in projection) chin implant 4.5 months ago. Since then, I have noticed that my top lip sits crookedly on my face, as well as my bottom lip. It is not too obvious in photos, but very obvious in real life. This is just when I am not smiling. When I grin/smile really big, one side of my lip hangs down much lower than the other side. Are these problems likely to be due to the implant? Will they disappear in time? If not, what are my options (permanent solutions)? Thank you!!!

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Smile assymetry

You may have a weak depressor anguli oris muscle due to stretching of the marginal mandibular nerve. Hopefully this will resolve over time. The only thing you could do that I'm aware of is see a specialist in facial nerve injury, usually associated with an Otolaryngology department at the university level, and have this evaluated. Most likely they will tell you to give it some more time. Good luck!

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