Lips Randomly Swell After Belotero? (photo)

I had belotero lip filler about two months ago. After the initial swelling went down (7-10 days) everything looked great and was fine. However since then about once a week I wake up with a swollen lip (or sometimes just a small section) of lip swollen. It goes away with ice and a little time but am wondering if this is an allergic reaction to the filler? I know it is not related to food allergies or new products for my lips. The swelling is often excessive but does disperse after a few hours.

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Swelling after lip agumentation

Random swelling two months is not common but possible. It is unlikely to be related directly to the filler. It would be wise to consult with both your injector and your primary care physician to identify the cause.

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Lips still randomly swell after Belotero 2 months ago?

Random swelling 2 months after a filler is not usual; but it may be related to sodium intake in your diet resulting in fluid retention.  In addition you may have excess product in your lip pressing on vessels. When the product swells it can put extra pressure on vessels causing compression and congestion in your lips. It may help to limit sodium in your diet which causes you to retain fluid. If this continues to be a problem you might also consider having some product removed although it will go down over the next few months on it's own.  

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Lip swelling two months after Belotero

The intermittent lip swelling you are having two months after your Belotero injection does not sound like an allergic reaction, but it also is not the normal course for most people.  I would recommend returning to your treating physician to be evaluated to try and find a cause for your issue.  

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