Can Kenalog Help Lips Overdone with Fat Injections?

I got my lips done over 7 years ago, and they are to big,and look very fake, so I went to my doctor, he sad that shots of kenalog could help, so we did about 6 shots with 4 to 5 month in between each shot. They did got smaler, but not much, what else could help me to get it back to normal size?

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Fat injection

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Fat injection to the lips can be very rewarding. Unfortunately you had too much fat.

It is very difficult to remove the fat that was injected because it is dispersed all over the lip in the muscle.

Without openining the lip entirely and picking on the fat golbules it is impossible.May be a procedure similar to reducing the lip volume is more appropriate. Consult a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Treating overaugmented lip

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Kenalog injections can help with excessive fat injections.  However, the fat from the normal lip tissue may be more vulnerable to the steroids than the fat injection tissue, simply because fat injection tissue is more fibrous than regular tissue.

Since you have already tried steroids, it may be time for direct removal of tissue.  This can generally be accomplished from the corners of the mouth, with great care taken to measure for symmetry and overall shape.

Brent Moelleken, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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