Is Liposuctioned Skin Treated in Body Lifting in the Same Way As Saggy Skin from Weight Loss?

Or are the two types of skin completly different architecture from each other. A doctor's website says they do circumferential belt lipectomy for bariatric patients who have lost a great amount of weight and for overaggressive liposuction problems. Wouldn it be hard to predict how the liposuctioned skin would heal and conform to new body arrangement because it is missing memory that was contained in adipose cells?

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Body lifting after liposuction

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Thank you for your question about body lifting after liposuction.

  • Body lifting removes excess skin and deep tissues, tightening the body by tightening the superficial fascia that give us our shape.
  • Fat is lost under skin and fascia after weight loss and liposuction,
  • But after liposuction blood supply may be less and healing poorer.
  • A body lift improves all these problems, regardless of the microscopic architecture of the skin, care taken to avoid excess stretch on damaged skin.
  • Hope this helps!

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