Revision mini neck lift complications

Hi I had sub-mental liposuction and thread lift that did not yield good results. Basically my PS removed to much fat and exposed my neck bands. Revision was a mini neck lift "without" incisions behind my ears and removal of threads. I still have saggy skin, indentations, and a lopsided face. To top the cake I also have mandibular nerve injury. What would your professional advice be to help correct this. I have included two photos. Sincerely, TJ

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Neck lifts and complications

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Sorry about your experience.

I hope you wrote about your thread experience on the internet in hopes of saving others from falling for a similar fate.You are not the first.

You have every reason to hope that your m mandibular nerve will recover if you only have mild weakness.... give it time.

You have visible medial bands ovely exposed by the agressive removal of fat. I would consider a two step solution. First, a corset playsmaplasty via your submental incision will correct the bands. If after healing, the suture line is visible or skin still abnormal, fat injection in the subcutaneous plane should do the trick.

Find a surgeon with lots of experience with necks. Good luck... it can be improved

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Bunching after thread neck lift

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Yes, I'm not a fan of using sutures or threads, of any kind, to lift the tissues of the face or neck.  The bunching could be a result of aggressive neck liposuction, combined with scar formation.  The injury to the marginal mandibular nerve further complicates the matter. 

IMHO, you would need a formal Neck Lift with at least a minimum incision upper Face Lift to resolve this issue.  You should consult with several qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeons with good reputations for further evaluation and recommendations.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Lipo & Thread Lift complications

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TJ, sorry to hear about your results and complication.  The threadlift itself may be contributing to the bunching and uneven appearance, not just the liposuction.  Eventually this may relax, but the threads may need to come out to get your best result. Taking them out can be difficult especially incisions placed near the initial sites where the threads were introduced.  Typically, performing a more traditional face lift operation will allow you to remove the sutures and correct the underlying deformities.  Good luck.

Colin Pero, MD
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Revision neck lift

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Main issue is the nerve, if you still have some movement they chances of the nerve recovering either some or completely are good, but may take some time. If this happened recently a course of anti-inflammatory steroids may help.
As far as the neck you will need work on the loose banding (revision Platysmaplasty) and the camouflage to the areas under the skin with either a filler or fat grafts.

Michel Siegel, MD
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon
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