Liposuction or Vaser Liposuction to Reduce Calves?

I have really flabby calves and they are very large and wide and out of proportion to the rest of me and wondering what is available to reduce the size? Liposuction, Vaser Lipo? Help, as many sites don't mention this area!

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Liposuction technology not crucial

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I agree with Dr. Zubowicz that the type of liposuction technology selected is not nearly as important as the assessment of the soft tissues present in the calves. Large muscles will not be reduced with liposuction. If adipose tissue is present, technique is far more important than selecting a particular technology for liposuction.

The challenge in this area is to remove fatty tissue uniformly from a cylinder-shaped structure without leaving contour irregularities. Traditional liposuction would be my choice as well so as to minimize the risk of thermal injury, but other modes of liposuction could be used effectively in some hands.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Liposuction of calves is different

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Generally, conventional liposuction of the calves (mechanically assisted or not) works as well as laser or ultrasound assisted liposuction. Usually, there is no need to induce thermal damage (which the laser and ultrasound do) to improve results.

However, many patients with large calves are that way because of a fleshy soleus muscle and not fat. Suction of any kind would have no effect on this situation. Also, due to the dependence of the calves when standing, to prevent longterm subcutaneous fibrosis, leg elevation and compressive stockings need to be worn until healing is complete (usually 6 weeks to 3 months).

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