Liposuction After Tummy Tuck and Pregnancy?

After a Tummy Tuck and a pregnancy, is Liposuction the best choice? My abdomen grew back.

I had a tummy tuck 2 years ago but after the procedure, I got pregnant and now my upper and lower abdomen is big again. Is Liposuction the best choice to fix it?

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Best procedures for the tummy after pregnancy


Changes due to pregnancy are one of the reasons that surgeons suggest delaying standard abdominoplasty until after childbearing, but things don't always work that way.

Your pregnancy changes several things about your abdomen. The total subcutaneous and intra-abdominal fat content may have increased. If so, general weight loss / body fat loss would be the first intervention. If localized fat concentrations have developed, then liposuction would be an answer.

The pregnancy undoubtedly stretched the abdominal wall support layers again (muscle and fascia). Abdominal exercises / toning may be able to reestablish some of your gains from the prior abdominoplasty, but a revision surgery with new tightening of the abdominal wall may be needed to restore tone. Try the exercise first. Repeat surgery would also be necessary if you have developed significant loose skin. Your surgeon may design a procedure that is less involved than your prior abdominoplasty, combining muscle tightening with localized liposuction. An in-person examination will help determine the best recommendations.

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Liposuction vs a second tummy tuck

I reserve doing abdominoplasties on women who are not planning to have another pregnancy. Obviously, unplanned pregnancies do happen. I would wait about one year after delivery before considering surgery again. If you'll go through another abdominoplasty, make sure that you are done with having any more children and your tubes are tied. As you know, the recovery can be painful in the first two weeks and no one wants to go through it twice (including the expense). Now if after one year the abdominal wall and the skin are not stretched out too much, it is possible that liposuction can give you a nice improvement which could be acceptable.

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It depends on why your abdomen is big again.


If your main problem now is recurrent fat, then liposuction of the abdomen may work great, and the recovery is easy.

If your abdomen is bulging because the rectus muscles have separated (a diastasis), then you may need another tummy tuck. So you need a good exam.

There are actually several different ways to treat the abdomen, which I discuss on my web site.

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Liposuction after pregnancy - Wait at least 9 months

It all depends on the amount of skin laxity and underlying fatty deposits. Also, I tell my patients not to consider cosmetic body contouring procedures for at least 9 months following pregnancy.

Your body is still in a state of flux during that time and making an intervention is not prudent.

Good luck!

Dr. Singer

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It depends on the quality of your skin and how much is actually fat.  It's not possible to say without examining you.  You should consult with an American Board of Plastic Surgery certified plastic surgeon in your area.  Find one here ->

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