Liposuction Touch Up. Is This Normal Treatment Time?

I had lipo on my back and stomach 6 months ago and will be getting a touch up. I showed current pics and doc said if lipo is necessary, which i know it is because there is still fat left, it will only take 30mins. Is that too short of time to do lipo for the stomach? I am fairly petite. also, the doc said he would have to see me in person to even see if lipo will even help, is this true? i have quite some fat left. touch up price was included so i am worried he might just not want to do it.

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Liposuction Touch up

Based on the information you have provided, your doc's approach seems reasonable.  I agree that an examination would be necessary to determine if additional liposuction would be beneficial.  30 minutes for an abdominal liposuction touch up may very well be adequate.  If the touch up is included and he is conscientious, then he should want to do it for you so you get a great result and are a satisfied patient.  Good luck. 

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Liposuction Touch Up Treatment Time

If extra fat remains after the initial liposuction procedure your doctor will know immediately and should be willing to do a touch up. The amount of time needed for a touch up varies, but 30 minutes is not an unrealistic estimation. It is very important that the area completely heals before a touch up is done. In liposuction patients it takes 9 months to a year for full recovery. After that you can assess the situation and then persue a revision.

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Touch-up liposuction

To determine if revision liposuction is necessary, it is essential to be examined.  Just going over photos is not adequate.

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You Need to be Seen for Touchup

With liposuction, it is necessary to both see you and touch your tissues.  Touching and feeling the tissues gives the surgeon an idea about swelling and thickness of the fat.  Your weight comparison is important also.  Do not expect your surgeon to give you a free touchup if you have gained 15-20 pounds since surgery.

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LIpo touchup

It is really impossible to comment meaningfully without photos. Liposuction is not a terribly long procedure and would depend on the areas to be covered. I agree that your plastic surgeon would need to see you in advance to determine what is appropriate. I would not prejudge the situation based on what you have said. Ask whether he intends to perform the revision under local or with sedation. Best of luck.

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