Could Liposuction Be the Cause of Loose Tummy Skin?

I had smart lipo in dec 2010. I'm 30, athletic & never had major weight flux. Recently I did gain some weight and over a span of 6 months the skin on my stomach started looking and feeling loose. It looks & feels like I can pull it away from the muscle. If I move around the skin looks like its sliding around on my abs and sitting down its uncomfortable and wrinkles really bad. Is it possible that liposuction could have caused this? Will I need surgery to fix it or will it become taunt after exercise?

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Skin elasticity issues

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Skin laxity issues years after liposuction is unlikely due to the operation and more likely due to the subsequent weight fluctuations.  It is unlikely to improve without removing the excess skin, unfortunately.  Go and see your surgeon for a detailed exam and recommendations!

Loose Skin after Weight Loss

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   Loose skin after weight loss probably has more to contribute this current problem than liposuction 2 years prior.  If your skin was ok after the liposuction, this would be another clue that it was not the liposuction.  Age always plays a factor as well. 

Loose skin after smart lipo

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Thanks for the question Auja. Loose skin two years after smart lipo or any kind of lipo can be expected. It can be expected even after 6 months of Lipo if the pressure garments are not used of 3 months after lipo specially large amount of fat ( lets say 1000cc ) is removes from a limited area. I have not seen your photos or examined you but I would think that perhaps mini tummy tuck can resolve your issue if most of the loose skin below your naval. Wish you good luck.

Loose skin after liposuction

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Hello and thanks for the question, Auja.  How much was the weight gain?  Small amounts of weight gain shouldn't affect skin tightness/looseness.  Normally after liposuction, the areas involved will tend to heal with more fibrous tissue.  And with Smart Lipo, the skin is supposed to be stimulated to shrink moreso than with traditional liposuction.  Sometimes with large volume liposuction in concentrated areas could you see loose skin after the procedure.  Even then it wouldn't show up two years later.  I would contact a board certified plastic surgeon to evaluate your concerns to see if surgical intervention can be done to improve the looseness of your skin.  Best of luck.  Robert Kratschmer, MD

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