Are Some Liposuction Techniques Only Good for "Debulking"?

Hello, I'm going to get a liposuction on my abdomen. I read many informations on the internet and sometimes they said that some techniques like water assisted liposuction give good results only for "debulking" and that for more little fat deposit the new techniques like ultrasound assisted liposuction are really better. Is that true ? It scares me a bit, because in my situation it's a little fat deposit on the lower abdomen and the liposuction is the "traditionnal" one ... Thanks a lot

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Liposuction is used to contour the body

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Liposuction is meant to remove localized fat collection, not used for debulking. Sometimes fat is denser and needs laser liposuction. We use Smart Lipo Triplex for better results with that. Removing fat can leave excess skin and that can often be treated better with laser liposuction as well. So liposuction does “debulk” but it is used to contour the body; not for debulking as may be needed for weight loss.

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Liposuction results depend a lot on the surgeon's ability and your compliance with diet and exercise.

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Liposuction can give great results if all variables are right.  Your compliance with diet and exercising is a big factor in the final results as well as the lipo surgeon's ability and artist eye.  A lipo doc who has a lot of experience in his type of liposuction can do a good job for you.  The old method of traditional lipo which is lipo under general anesthesia with  larger canulas is good for debulking but lacks the finese of the more precise liposculpting techniques available now-a-days.  Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
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Different types of liposuction

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There are many types of liposuction, but they rely partly on a "traditional" method involving using a cannula attached to some sort of suction to remove (or debulk) actual fat.    If your surgeon is a board-certified plastic surgeon and commonly performs liposuction,  it is best to trust his or her judgment regarding the technology used.   There are downsides and risks - as well as potential benefits -  to every type (ultrasound versus laser-assisted, for example), and really the surgeon's ability and experience play the most important role in delivering results.   Different size cannulas are used (length, diameter, port size and layout...) for different areas of the body and different layers of fat.   The options are numerous, and at some point you have to trust the surgeon that you choose to make the best decision based on your body and safety.   My decision to to offer a patient liposuction under general anesthesia versus local anesthesia does not have anything to do with the technology or type of cannula used, but rather patient comfort, volume of fat to be removed, safety, and if the patient is having a combined procedure such as a tummy tuck. 



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