Alternative Liposuction Procedures?

I keep seeing the terms Smart Lipo, Vaser Lipo and Cool Lipo. Are all three procedures basically the same, and is one better than another?

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Confusing terms with lipo

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It's hard to sort out the competing claims about the various liposuction procedures. A brief history: Originally, liposuction was done under general anesthesia, and the fat was vacuumed out with relatively large cannulas. This was associated with a lot of bruising and long recovery times. Then the "wet" techniques, such as tumescent, were introduced which made it possible to do more, so all lipo is now done with some variation of that.

The next big development was ultrasound, which helps to loosen fat in dense areas, and may help with bruising and swelling. VASER is the most advanced ultrasound technology. Finally, there are the lasers; all of the slick sounding names such as "cool" and "smart" lipo use lasers, which also help loosen fat prior to removing it with liposuction. There is a LOT of controversy regarding how useful these really are. The fact is that most patients will probably do well without using lasers or any brand-name lipo. Be especially wary of claims about skin tightening, and instant recovery. Some shopping around to get different opinions is in order.

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