Returning for More Liposuction?

I had 2 hours of Liposuction and am instructed to come back in 4 weeks for more. Is this common? I am worried and wish I would have asked more questions.

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This may be a practice style.

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This does not sound typical but that does not mean it is wrong. Different surgeons have different techniques.

I am going to guess that you had this under local or tumescent technique rather than general. Some of the medications we use tend to last for 1 and a half hours and for this reason some surgeons limit the procedures.

Plastic surgeons tend to perform more extensive procedures under general or IV anesthesia whereas dermatologists tend to perform the procedures under local. This is a generalization and neither is right or wrong but a practice style.

When surgery is perfomed under local, we tend to limit the procedures as it may be difficult for a patient to tolerate repeated injections at one sitting.

Did you go to a board certified plastic surgeon?

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Hi. Your story does not sound right at all, and I would get another opinion. See the link below for a plastic surgeon in your area.

In New York City, we treat almost every liposuction patient with just one operation, even if it takes 4 or 5 hours. It is entirely safe, and patients don't want to go through multiple recoveries.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

For what reason are you returning?

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You should have a clear understanding of what reason is being given for returning for more liposuction. Is it for a revision of areas just suctioned or areas that were in addition? Cosmetic surgery is elective surgery and you should be the motivator of treatment. Have a clear and acreful discussion with your surgeon and if you have questions that are not being answered or treatment is suggested that does not seem reasonable or is not related to you original plan, do not be afraid to seek a second opinion. Revisions are generally not planned until recovery is complete, 3-6 months post-op.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

As long as the liposuciton is in other areas, it is probably fine

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Returning for a second round of liposuction is not uncommon. However, it is usually planned and discussed ahead of time. I assume you are returning for liposuciton in areas that were not treated in your recent procedure.

Maybe the doctor reached a limit on how much fat could be removed ( and how much blood you had lost). In that case, it is certainly safer to leave an area untreated and return later.

How much time in between sessions is up to you and your doctor. You need to be fully recovered before undergoing a second round. Best of luck.

Doesn't sound right

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It sounds like you had liposuction done by a non-plastic surgeon. Although many doctors may call themselves plastic surgeons these days, you want to know that your surgeon is board certified in plastic surgery. What you describe is a common practice of non surgeon plastic surgeons (such as dermatologists or gynecologists) who do not have operating privileges and therefore are forced to do surgery in an office type setting in a potentially compromised manner such as you describe (i.e. planning multiple procedures for what could likely be done in only one procedure). There is no reason why you should have to electively plan for a second liposuction procedure in such a short time period at the time of the first procedure. Did you ask your surgeon why he or she just doesn't t do it all at once?? The only acceptable reason may be that he or she had reached the upper limits of what they could safely remove (usually 5 liters at a time), but that would also be uncommon in only 2 short hours! Sounds like you need to have a full discussion with your surgeon and I completely agree that you should never be afraid to seek out a second opinion.

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