Will Scar Tissue 14 Months After Lipo Still Resolve?

A doctor here kindly explained why my thighs might be bulkier nearly 14 months after my second Liposuction. But after the first Lipo to my inner and outer thighs, I had perfectly slim thighs for 5 years. Being too critical, I then had my back thigh and knee areas liposuctioned too. Crazy I know! But how could fat still be going to my thighs now, and with my near starvation diet? I know there is scar tissue as the doctor suggested. Is there a chance this will still resolve? I don't care how long it takes as long as it's possible!

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Seems unusual

You don't mention if your weight has been stable since the procedure, but barring weight gain, it would be very unusual for your thighs to be larger after the procedure.  Six months is the standard waiting period after liposuction, barring any weight gain, to consider revision.

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Unfortunately, no.

Hi. After 14 months, you need to assume that however you look now is the final result and will not change further.

I cannot tell you exactly what's wrong without seeing you, of course. But scar tissue after liposuction does not generally account for excess bulk. You may possibly benefit by additional well performed liposuction.

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