Is Liposuction a Safe Procedure?

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Is liposuction safe?

While all surgeries carry with them some risk, elective liposuction performed by a board certified plastic surgeon has proven to be safe when strict standards are followed. This is why you should always choose a board certified plastic surgeon who has years of experience. If you follow this recommendation, you should be able to experience great results and be quite happy with your experience.

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Liposuction has a great safety profile

The benefit:risk ratio with pure tumescent liposuction is extremely high. There may be risks with all elective cosmetic surgery procedures but they are extremely low with tumescent liposuction because there is no general anesthesia. Speak to your surgeon in consultation to thoroughly understand the side effects and possible complications.

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Yes extremaly safe if performed by a good board certified plastic surgeon

Liposuction is a surgical procedure to remove unwanted fat from desired by a patient body area. The most important rule as far as safety is to make sure it is done by board certified plastic surgeon with lots of experience.  You need to do some research before making your decision. Meet with the surgeon for the consultation, ask questions, ask for the before and after pictures. Surgeons with good results should be able to demonstrate their work. Ask for the recovery time, so you are well prepared to relax and take your time before going back to work and your daily activities. Liposuction is seek by many patients who need some extra help to remove that stubborn fat, hard to get rid of by  doing  exercise and diet. Patients are happy to see quick results and stay motivated to keep the great outcome.

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Liposuction Questions

Liposuction is a very safe procedure when properly performed.  You should seek out a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is a member of the ASPS.  Your procedure should only be performed in an accredited office based facility, outpatient surgery center, or hospital.  Finally, the anesthesia should be administered by an anesthesiologist, with or without the assistance of a CRNA.  

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Liposuction can be a safe procedure when done right

Liposuction is a generally safe procedure which has been popular over 25 years. It has evolved to allow for better and more predictable results with fewer risks. However, like any surgical procedure whether major or seemingly minor, there are risks.

An extremely important variable for the surgery is the surgeon. There are many physicians performing liposuction who are not only not plastic surgeons but aren't even surgeons. There are family practitioners and internists even performing liposuction in the office such as with the highly marketed special machines.

It is buyer beware!!

The worst outcomes and those with major complications that I have seen in my office are those performed by doctors who were not plastic surgeons. Training and experience is important. At minimum, you should seek evaluation and treatment from a reputable board certified plastic surgeon.

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Liposuction is safe but must be considered a surgical procedure.

Liposuction is a very effective and safe overall but there are risks to any surgical procedure. Plastic Surgeons have the comprehensive training necessary to discuss your options safely perform liposuction. Liposuction is not a solution for patients who are not healthy and who are significantly overweight. It is best for managing those areas of extra superficial fat that has been hard to reduce through your efforts at a healthy diet and regular exercise. Many advances in liposuction technology have improved the outcomes from liposuction but this is still a surgical procedure needs to be carefully planned and delivered. If risks and complications have not been properly discussed with you then this is a good reason to get another opinion.

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In good hands liposuction is a safe procedure

There are risks associated with any cosmetic procedure though liposuction has been proven safe when moderate volumes of fat are removed, individuals are in good health, and with combined procedures the time involved is held within limits. We also suggest a board certified plastic surgeon and an accredited facility with a demonstrated commitment to safety.

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When done correctly, liposuction is extremely safe

Lipsuction is an invasive procedure - despite what some "cosmetic surgeons" will tell you.  When done by a properly trained and board certified plastic surgeon, it is extremely safe.  If done incorrectly, or by someone who does not understand proper technique, anatomy, and post operative management, it can result in problems. Unfortunately, we are constantly reading about contour irregularities, internal injuries, and even death after liposuction procedures. These rare complications usually occur because the procedure is being done by soemone who should not be doing it.  Make sure to see a board certified plastic surgeon so that he/she can discuss the potential risks with you.

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