Revision Lipo Risks Similar with Regular Lipo?

In abdominal Liposuction, are the risks associated with the revision liposuction the same as with regular liposuction? My doctor said I will need some below my belly button to my incision where, a pad of fat from my upper abs got pulled down in my Tummy Tuck. I'm pretty thin and worry about things like getting an organ damaged or fat embolization. Just wondered if the risks might be less since it is relatively not a large area. I am three months post-op now and still swell a bit at times. Thanks.

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Revision liposuction is safe.


You do not look like a big problem.  Safety in liposuction is all in the hands of your surgeon.  I would wait another couple of months.

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The risks are the same

There will be a little scar tissue in the area which will possibly make it little more strenuous on your surgeon, but otherwise the risks are the same. I prefer power assisted liposuction in those cases to help reduce the effort.

Regarding the timing of such an endeavor, you would be better off waiting for a few more months. I would wait until your swelling has come completely down, as it will give a more accurate assessment of what needs to be treated.

York Jay Yates, MD
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Sounds like good advice: discuss concerns with your surgeon

The revision risks should be similar.

Your surgeon sounds like he/she is proceeding in a very logical fashion. Most surgeons are reluctant to liposuction the central abdomen due to the risks of compromising the blood supply to the central lower abdomen. It is not at all uncommon to experience swelling for several months due to the incision.

It sounds as if you are in good hands. Although, organ damage is possible, it would be extremely rare for an experienced surgeon.

Discuss your fears/concerns with the surgeon but you have already been through the worse part. In some ways the recovery will be less painful because you likely have diminished sensation in the lower abdomen.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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